What the Gel? Rapid Gel Remover


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What the Gel?! It’s magic! Say goodbye to the traditional tedious and time consuming gel removal process. Our rapid gel remover requires no acetone or foil! Cut your removal time in half and get to the fun part while maintaining healthy nails with this quick and painless remover!  Remove old gel polish within 3 minutes after applying our rapid gel remover!

Additional information

Weight .15625 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1.25 × 1.75 in

3 reviews for What the Gel? Rapid Gel Remover

  1. Eli Dee

    They say seeing is believing, and this What The Gel is by far one of the greatest hidden gems I’ve ever seen! It really works and cuts any kind of soak off time in half! As a nail artist, one of my biggest struggles was removing acrylic and hard gel without dryness from soaking in acetone. It literally works in minutes and leaves no damage on natural nails. It has become a product in my nail artist must haves’ collection that I will continue to buy again!

  2. Mai Vang

    This really works! Whether it’s on regular or gel, it comes right off. So much better than the regular nail polish at the store. I would highly recommend and will buy again.

  3. Pahoua (verified owner)

    This is truly the best thing I have ever used. Definitely saves me time in removing my gel nail polish.

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