• LL Cuticle Softener

    Cut your manicure services in half using our fast-acting cuticle remover! Gentle on all skin types, our unique formula effectively breaks down even the toughest cuticle and dead skin in seconds, making your cuticle care a breeze! No need for lengthy water soaking!!  
  • Love acrylic but HATE the strong smell of monomer?? Lucky for you, our EMA Monomer has one of the mildest scents of any other on the market! If you prefer an even milder scent, our Monomer Odor Neutralizers minimizes the smell of any monomer! Simply add 2-3 drops into your monomer dish and immediately notice the smell dissipate and be replaced with a faint fruity scent! The best part?? It doesn’t affect your monomer’s effectiveness or dry time!!  
  • EMA Monomer Nail Liquid

    Our EMA monomer is a low-odor liquid designed to give our acrylic powders the most buttery texture and medium-set curing time!
    • MMA-free
    • Non-yellowing formula
    • Self-leveling
    • Primerless


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