• "I know what I want! I am smart, I am talented, and I work hard for everything I have! I'm a boss babe!" This is our most dramatic lash and inspires you to be a badass.  This mega volume lash adds a fierce touch to your eyes and completes your boss babe mood.
  • Your only limit is your mind! Be a GO-GETTER who accepts mistakes, learns from them, and moves on to bigger and better things!  Be empowered by our bold and our extra-curled lashes.  Dramatic and full-volume, perfectly sectioned to look like lash extensions.
  • Heroine

    Be the HEROINE of your own adventure! If you own the story, then you can write the ending.  Capture your unwavering strength with these mid volume lashes that are perfectly curled.  Perfectly sectioned to look like lash extensions.
  • Worthy

    You are worth loving, worth knowing, and wildly beautiful just the way you are! Embody your classy and elegant looks with these mid-volume flare winged drama queens.  Let these lashes highlight and enhance your best qualities.  You're worth it!


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