• Allure

    "The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence." - Beyonce Add charm and mystery with ALLURE! Be THAT woman who is living unconcerned about what others think.  These clear band lashes were designed with shorter lashes on the inner corners and flares out for a winged effect.
  • Clever

    Enhance your natural beauty with this subtle, yet striking pair.  A style that will make you exude your own sense of originality and ingenuity. Our clear lash band is designed to complete your "no make-up" make-up look. Isn't that CLEVER!?
  • Dreamer

    Dreams are our realities in waiting, who says we aren't supposed to dream big!? We hope you'll find joy in life and never stop dreaming! The lightest of our natural beauties' series.  DREAMER is designed with a clear lash band to add the perfect touch of dreamy flare to your everyday look.
  • Highlight the natural star that you are with INFLUENCER.  Designed with separated sections to give you an eye-opening effect.  The clear flexible lash band provides comfort and blends with ease into your natural lash line.


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